About Francine


Francine Dufour Jones

How I came to silk painting

 I have been an artist my entire life. My paintings are in private collections all over the world. I enjoy a wide variety of painting mediums from watercolor and oil, to silks and pastels.

Once I discovered painting on silk I was enchanted. I love the excitement of pure vibrant color. I sometimes feel like silk painting is a direct connection to the divine in all of us. I enjoy sharing my love for silk painting through exhibitions and teaching. I believe everyone has a creative spirit within them. I am the happiest when I am in touch with that part of myself. To me it is the heart and essence of a human being. Painting has always been as natural as breathing for me; and as necessary. It’s a passion for life expressed through art and creativity.

My intent as a person and as an artist is to see, appreciate, and express the beauty and spirit in the living things around us. My work has been described as joyful, dancing with lots of movement. It has been described as bold, colorful, playful and even sassy. It is always uplifting and fun for me!

The magic of painting on silk comes from the luminous images that emerge within the boundaries on pristine silk. I am always amazed and delighted! After the painting is complete I steam the silk for many hours; setting the dye and increasing the intensity of the color. One of the things that excites me the most about silk painting is the pure color that can only be achieved by the this unique technique. I hope you enjoy viewing as much as I enjoy creating.

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with Francine Dufour Jones