Online Beginning Silk Painting Class

Self Paced Class
This session is only $55.

How Does This Work?

In a "Self Paced Class" all the content is available for the student once the registration process is completed. The course is designed to be completed in 6-7 weeks but you can go totally on your own schedule. You can go faster or slower. The nice thing is if "life happens" and you cannot paint, your class is still there. All the information and movies are available for download. It is yours to use for personal use; so there is no time barrier at all.

Full instrutor support is available via email.

What You Will Get:

In this class you will learn what supplies to get, and suggestions where you can get them. You will learn the basic techniques of painting on silk using various methods such as salt, alcohol, and resist.

We have pictures and animation visually showing how to silk paint. You will get information on how to jump in, and hopefully will be inspired to continue with this wonderful medium. You have week by week projects to do with step by step instructions. You can get feedback and questions answered via email. You will be able to download classes and proceed at your own pace.

Who Should Take This Course?

Silk painting has something for everyone from professional artist to those who have never painted at all. I believe we all have the creative spirit within us. Online classes are unique in that there are no limitations on location. You can live anywhere in the world and still attend.

Electronic Registration and Payment for Online Silk Painting Class
May pay by credit card or PayPal

What others had to say:

"I liked having the hard copy and the videos. I also liked the variety of techniques. I am very pleased with the course."

"I like the video's and actually seeing how the methods work.
being able to work at my own pace and giving a good overall view of the different techniques. Thanks very much for the lessons:.

"The instruction was very detailed and moved at a great pace. I appreciated being able to download both the videos and printed material. For me being able to review the material in both venues is very helpful. I also found the references, websites and addresses useful. I got way more out of this class than I expected. It was so wonderful and fun. Your quick responses to our questions was terrific. Thanks again!"

"I had so much fun I hated to see the class end but I am looking forward to continuing and creating what I have learned. Thank you so much for a great class."

"I felt like a kid again."

"This class was such a great, informative class. Although I have been playing with silk dyeing and painting for about a year, I have learned and experienced so many new ideas."